Community Projects

Community Projects2024-05-15T12:30:00-04:00

FIWMD collaborates with local organizations to raise awareness about challenges and opportunities facing our fragile island ecosystem and to help foster a resilient and sustainable community.

FI School

  • Signage fabrication by Fishers Island School Students
  • Compost + Recycling education

HLF Museum

FI Conservancy

  • Island Cleanup Day
  • Native Plant Buffer
  • Feral Cat Management
  • Invasive Plant Management
  • Talks
  • Grants

FI Community Center

  • Meetings
  • Elections
  • Talks
  • Events

FI Community Garden

  • Community vegetables grown with Hügelkultur (raised beds filled with decomposing wood) at FIWMD
  • Compost education
  • Workshops

Lighthouse Works

  • FIWMD materials diverted to art

Community Project News

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