Local Solid Waste Management Plan (LSWMP)

In 2019, FIWMD prepared a Local Solid Waste Management Plan in accordance with 6 NYCRR Part 366. Section 366‐1.2(a)(4) that requires a Local Solid Waste Management Plan “to provide for or take into account all the solid waste generated within the planning unit for a ten‐year period.”

FIWMD’s LSWMP considers the waste generation and composition on the Island, the seasonal variations and unique circumstances with approximately 240 full‐time residents and a seasonal population that exceeds 2,500. It also considers the District’s facilities and how they can be adapted to meet both local and state-wide waste management goals.

The statewide version of this document – the NYS DEC Solid Waste Management Plan – current version titled “Help Build the Circular Economy: 2023-2032” – sets statewide goals and priorities for solid waste management. The NYS DEC document highlights the need for methods and programs that reduce waste generation, increase reuse, recycling, and composting, and help build a circular economy.

The District particularly recognizes the State’s position that “avoiding transportation impacts by managing materials closer to the point of generation is often a better environmental and economic choice.”

Indeed, given the District’s geographic isolation from the mainland, finite land area, and the costs of hauling and material placement, many of the NYS DEC’s state-wide goals resonate strongly with the District and are reflected in the District’s own Local Solid Waste Managment Plan 2019 and subsequent biennial updates.

FIWMD’s Local Solid Waste Management Plan is a living document that is revisited every two years. The 2024 Biennial Update is currently being drafted.