About Fishers Island Waste Management District


The Fishers Island Waste Management Tax District (FIWMD) is committed to the safe, environmentally and fiscally responsible distribution of items no longer needed or wanted by households and/or commercial enterprises.

The FIWMD Commission is guided by the following principles:

  • Fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers
  • Safe operations for staff and users
  • Mindfulness of the fragile nature of our small island environment and community


The Fishers Island Waste Management District (FIWMD or the District) is a special improvement garbage district that manages solid waste generated on Fishers Island. The Island’s isolation from the Town of Southold led to the Town Board’s creation of a special waste management district in March 1952, then referred to as the “Fishers Island Garbage & Refuse District.”


FIWMD operates two facilities on Fishers Island – a Transfer Station and a Compost Station – and manages a decommissioned landfill. Any materials than cannot be diverted for reuse on-Island must be transported off-Island to mainland Connecticut facilities for additional processing and placement.


The District is a special tax district of the Town of Southold and is under the jurisdiction of the NYS Department of Enviromental Conservation. The District’s governing body is a five‐member Board of Commissioners elected by Fishers Island registered voters to oversee the operation and management of the solid waste management activities. These include the establishment of hauling and disposal contracts, user fees, and the implementation of District programs and policies.

A Sustainable Materials Management Strategy For Fishers Island

The 2030 Plan

The 2030 Plan

Local Solid Waste Management Plan: A goal to reduce disposal to 0.6 pounds per person per day.

Hazardous Waste Collection

Hazardous Waste Collection

2024 FI Waste Management Hazardous Waste & Shredding Event (dates TBD – check back soon).