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About Organic Material Management from the NYSDEC

Organic materials are carbon based compounds that come from living things and are readily biodegradable, making them a valuable resource rather than a waste. It is the organic matter and nutrients in these materials that lead to the useful products (e.g., compost, biogas, digestate, etc.) created at organics recycling facilities. From farm wastes to residential lawns, cafeteria scraps to biosolids, organic materials are a part of life.
Managing these materials through reduction, reuse, and recycling is a high priority in New York State.

Following the waste management hierarchy, reduction and reuse are at the top, representing the highest priority for materials management. This is followed by recycling and then disposal. Recycling organic materials by composting, anaerobic digestion, land application, and other organics recycling technologies reduces the generation of greenhouse gases, creates soil amendments, energy, and jobs, and reduces reliance on waste disposal.

~ New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Types of Organic Materials recycled at FIWMD:

  • Food Scraps
  • FOG (Fat, Oil, and Grease)
  • Plant Material


NYSDEC provides regulatory oversight, technical assistance, education and outreach, and funding for organics reduction and recycling in New York State.

to Mulch

  • Reduces transport of store-bought mulch to the Island
  • Island made

FREE for self-pickup


$25 machine loading fee

Food Scraps
to Compost

  • Reduces financial and environmental cost of transporting MSW to the mainland
  • Reduces transport of store-bought compost + fertilizers to the Island
  • Lighter, drier household trash
  • Sound-friendly, replaces fertilizers
  • Island made

FREE for self-pickup

$25 machine loading fee

to Firewood

  • Reduces fuel use, wear and tear, noise, dust due to grinding equipment
  • Reduces transport of store-bought firewood to the Island
  • Replaces fossil fuel with biomass for winter heating
  • Island made

FREE for self-pick up October-March

$25 machine loading fee

bundles FOR SALE summer months


check back for revised availability + pricing in October 2024

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