FIWMD – 2022/23 Strategic Plan


  • Effective communication
  • Clearly defined roles and chain of command
  • Accountability and robust employee evaluation process
  • Opportunities for leadership and advancement from within
  • Option for new hires, consultants, and other professional services to access specialized expertise and 
  • Improve board effectiveness and explore broadening board eligibility

COMPOST (household food scraps)

  • Expand participation in compost drop off/pick up among both residential and commercial users
  • Increase convenience in drop off/pick up process
  • Continually improve our composting process
  • Develop pilot program to include compostable containers
  • Collect data on participation rates, and quantities for drop off/pick up


  • Identify data to collect (for internal tracking and goal setting, strategic planning, public outreach, LSWMP biennial reports…)
  • Research/test data collection methods including scales, participation surveys, compost/mulch measuring totes among others
  • Visualize data graphically so it is easily accessible, fun, and motivational
  • Revamp website, relaunch social media accounts, printed materials/signage to raise awareness and 
increase participation rates in FIWMD operations, special programs, and events
  • Employee access to training and development in latest waste techniques, regulations
  • Pursue grants to support FIWMD core mission