HELP dramatically reduce the Municipal Solid Waste shipped off Fishers Island by separating food scraps from household trash.

BENEFITS include:

  • the decreased financial and environmental cost of transporting MSW to the mainland
  • lighter, drier household trash
  • free, island-made, self-serve compost

Your complementary FIWMD 7-gallon green bucket with easy-peel lid and compostable bags is available for pick up at the Compost Station

  • provides secure storage OUTSIDE for food scraps and facilitates transport to the Compost Station
  • perfect for transporting compost home with you

A small kitchen countertop container with a lid, of which there are plenty of options on the market, can capture the food scraps INSIDE your home during meal prep/clean up.




  • fruit + vegetables
  • bread, pasta, rice, grains
  • dairy
  • meat + fish
  • bones, eggshells, soft seafood shells
  • coffee grounds
  • tea bags
  • fat + grease

(separate for processing)

  • oyster, clam, mussel shells
  • cooking oil
  • compostable tableware


  • used paper goods (coffee filters, paper towels, napkins)
  • baby/hand wipes
  • human/animal waste (diapers, cat litter, dog poop bags, etc.)
  • glass
  • medicine
  • plastic
  • Polystyrene/Styrofoam
  • rubber bands